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Anyone may use our software during a test period. Following this test period, if you wish to continue to use it, you MUST register.

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NOTE: for this moment Online Registration is available only for Quick Hide; to register Total Control v1.2 send us an email with your software code.

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Get more from
Windows XP!

XP Visual Tools: xp logon screen, xp wallpaper, xp logon, windows xp wallpaper management

Now you have xp logon screen and xp wallpaper management, Start Menu and Taskbar transparency,
all in one program:

download here

Register other products

You may try freely our sharewares for a period of 15 days to consider whether it suits your needs and decide to purchase it. It is expected that if you do like a program and plan to use it into the future, you will pay for it. Your support will make that program even better.

Register XP Visual Tools Here !

You may install the XP Visual Style on a single computer for evaluation purposes for a period not to exceed fifteen (15) days; after that time you must either register this program or delete it from your computer hard drive. Using XP Visual Style after the fifteen (15) day evaluation period, without registering the software is a violation of the terms of this limited license.

After you decided to buy this software and your submitted order will be processed, you will receive an Product ID to unlock the software.
And take advantage of it all features with no limitation at all.

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