August 31, 2004

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Quick Hide

Quick Hide Windows
provides a quick and easy way for home and office PC users to quickly get sensitive materials off the screen without closing programs or losing documents. Also, the added bonus is an option to hard lock your computer with password protection so when you're away, your work will not be seen.

Quick Hide Windows main features:

  • hide browser windows

  • hide download windows - programs can download in the background without taking up space on your taskbar!

  • hide DOS windows

  • hide any application such as Word, Excel, Outlook Express, etc.

  • hide just about everything, including itself! - you can even protect Quick Hide Windows interface with password

  • password protect your desktop: lock your computer on Windows start or by pressing the hotkeys

  • hide desktop icons and taskbar

  • Multilanguage

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XP Visual Tools

A complete suite for tweaking your Windows XP, XP Visual Tools is loaded with all that you need to enhance your XP Desktop.

Now you can do anything you want, from setting transparency level of XP Start Menu and XP Taskbar to easy swapping between different Windows XP LogonUI screens or Windows XP Wallpapers and applying Windows XP Skins to old programs.

XP Visual Tools main features:

  • xp transparency: reveal all that is hidden behind the Taskbar and Start Menu

  • xp visual style: apply the look and feel of any Windows XP Skins (XP Themes) to old programs

  • xp logons: use multiple xp logon screens

  • xp wallpapers: manage all your wallpaper collections and automatically swap between them at specified intervals

xp skins, xp logons, transparency


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