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CronoSoft is committed to providing unsurpassed customer support. Our dedicated technical support team has a broad skills background. Each of our technicians has years of practical experience in computer applications such as programming and networking.
If you can not find the help or information you are looking for here, please contact us.

Customer Support

Before applying for technical support, please ensure that the problem you are experiencing with a CronoSoft software product is not due to improper use of the product. Ensure that you are running the latest version and have all patches and upgrades for your system installed and configured correctly.

Note that if the problem you are inquiring about has already been dealt with in FAQ page or if it was discussed on our Forum, then your request for technical support will be ignored. Also, if the problem has been addressed in some other form (a new version release, in the help file, in the read me file, etc), then your request for technical support will also be ignored. 
If you still cannot find the answer to your problem please fill our Bug Report or if you have a special problem contact us

Moore Help

For good understanding of ''How it works'' on each program we try to offer a dedicated section with complete online tutorials, detailed help files and manuals.

Technical Support Limitations

Technical support is limited to the usage of a particular product. Questions relating to external functionality such as operating systems, development environments, third-party products or various Windows technologies are not included.

As a registered user (for paid programs) you will have priority in getting answered in 24-48 hours by mail. However we try to support every CronoSoft users.



Windows XP resources files including: wallpapers, logonUI's, themes, news and many more !!!

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