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XP Visual Tools

CronoSoft made more dynamic desktop than ever! XP Transparency for use on XP Menu and XP Taskbar, XP Visual Style for renew the aspect of old style programs, XP Logon for managing more easy your XP Logon Screens and XP Wallpaper for randomly change your XP Wallpapers.

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Q) What is a Visual Style?

A) Microsoft®'s Windows® XP introduced a new look and feel in Windows® XP. In addition
to the "Classic" boxes and gradients introduced in Windows® 95, XP has an additional
"Windows® XP" style.


Q) Can i change windows xp skins with this program?
A) No, to do that you need another software like Styles XP!
Style XP is themeing software that helps customize the way your XP system looks.

Q) How do I configure XP Visual Tools ?
A) Click on 'Settings'.


Q) Is XP Visual Tools safe? How does it work?
A) To get your wallpapers and logon randomized or to keep menu or taskbar transparent, XP Visual Tools does not have to be in memory, so there is no worry about your machine slowing. For Rotation to work (rotating wallpapers, or logons) XP Visual Tools will load at logon or boot time. It can then optionally and automatically, remain in the system tray for your convenience.


Q) Can't you make this for Windows 95/98/ME/NT ?
A) No. It would take us months to do that and it would degrade the GUI performance considerably. Windows XP have native support for transparency (alpha) settings which makes it easier to make transparent windows.

Q) Will the registration key still work if I change my hardware?
A) In almost all cases, your key will continue to work. Our registration key is similiar
to XP's, yet more flexible. If at any time (even if you haven't paid) you have registration problems, please contact us.


Q: I have a laptop and a desktop. Can I install the software on multiple machines?
A: Yes, to a point. Only 1 copy of the product can be used at once per license. But if you want to have it on both home and work or install it on the road that is not only allowed but recommended. As long as only one copy is actively in use (someone sitting at the computer) at any one time, you are covered

You can use bug report  form to report any bugs that you've found in a released version of any CronoSoft software. We read all of the bug reports we receive, but we will only contact you if we need more details about your bug. We appreciate your feedback!
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