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XP Skins

XP Skins
is another free software from CronoSoft !!!
As the new operating system from Microsoft is here (Windows XP) and not all the older programs can take advantage of the new features of skinable option, we thought that a program who can change with one click this problem will be very useful for you.
So, here it is: XP Skins !!!
It's all FREE an is waiting for you !!!

XP Skins

Program Features

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XP Skins by CronoSoft is great tool for making your old Windows Programs look great:

  • XP Skins is simply to use

  • Instantly select your programs from Program Files and change the old look with new Windows XP Skinable Features

  • Manual select a program you want to modify

  • Instantly remove to one program or to all Program Files programs the features you've jut add.

XP Visual Tools: xp logon screen, xp wallpaper, xp logon, windows xp wallpaper management


Just check the option "process all Program Files folder" under "Add Visual Style Support" an than click "Add" and all your older program from there will now look like the new Windows XP. Or just select one of these programs using "choose an application" option.
As easy as you add this new look features for the older windows programs, you can remove it using one by one option or "process all Program Files folder" option under "Remove Visual Style Support"

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