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Total Control

Total Control by CronoSoft is a program who can be use, on a local network, to get on your friend's nerves. Total Control can run on theirs computers some programs (like Explorer, Scan disk, Calculator, etc), can open CD-DRIVE, shut down or restart computer and many, many others. You will have a lot of fun with Total Control, the only limit is your imagination! 
And best of all, Total Control is FREEWARE!!!

With Total Control you can remote control others PC's on a local network (at home, school or job). You can use it to play tricks on your friend or work colleagues. Total Control is just for fun, it is not a professional program for remote control and is not a backdoor!
What can you do with Total Control:

  • run standard programs like Windows Explorer, Scandisk, Defragmenter, run any program from client computer, open others files (documents, wav, mp3, avid, pictures, etc) - you can even set the wallpaper on clients computer
  • control current application (by sending keystrokes)
  • hide or close current application
  • hide taskbar or shortcut desktop
  • swap mouse button or keep him in or away from desktop regions
  • send messages to client computer which can simulate system messages or can be customizable
  • open/close CD drive
  • shutdown, reboot, log off computer
  • ... and many other - you will find by yourself!

Try-it now, you will have a lot of fun and you will discover that the real magic of Total Control is in its simplicity, easy to use and power.

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