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QUICK HIDE eXPert provides a quick and easy way for home and office PC users to quickly get sensitive materials off the screen without closing programs or losing documents.

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  • Workplace Privacy
    Employers can use computer software that enables them to see what is on the screen or stored in the employees' computer terminals and hard disks. Employers can monitor Internet usage such as web-surfing and electronic mail.

  • Privacy at Work? Be Serious
    If you feel your privacy at work has been eroding lately, it's probably more than just your imagination. Experts say companies are under increasing pressure to monitor employees electronically, and workers should assume they are being watched.

  • U.S. News: Face it, you're toiling in a fishbowl

  • Should Your Boss Be Allowed to Search Your Hard Drive?
    Let's admit that no one spends every minute at the office on business. If you're like a lot of people, your hard drive may contain a few downloaded MP3s, some saved CD-ROM games, a spreadsheet for the office football pool, or perhaps even a cover letter to a potential new employer. The company you work for owns the computer you use--but does that give your boss the right to search your hard drive?

  • Computer and Internet Surveillance in the Workplace Rough Notes
    It is likely that about one out of four large companies systematically monitors the computer, internet, or email use of its employees. There are over fifty different products available today that will let employers see what their employees do at work on their "personal" computers, in their email, and on the internet.

  • Keep PC Data Safe From Prying Eyes--And Fingers
    Windows and screen-saver passwords offer little protection from determined snoops. And anyone who uses your PC, even without malicious intent, can inadvertently erase or damage key files. Follow these steps to keep your data private and your PC safe while you're not around.

  • PCWorld.com - Fortress PC
    Every home user should first install a reliable antivirus program to help defend against viruses and Trojan horses, which can do anything from stealing passwords to reformatting your hard drive to allowing hackers to take command of your system.

  • Hands Off! Personal Computer Privacy
    So what's on this invisible hard drive? Copies of everything you've ever looked at online, for one thing -- as well as all the email you've ever sent or received, and every document you've ever read or written using the computer.

  • ZDNet Are Prying Eyes on You
    Do you believe that your e-mail and personal data is private and confidential at work? If you do, guess again.

  • Someone to Watch Over You
    When it comes to privacy in the workplace, you don't have any. Time and again, courts have sided with employers when it comes to spying on employees.

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