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QUICK HIDE eXPert provides a quick and easy way for home and office PC users to quickly get sensitive materials off the screen without closing programs or losing documents.
Version: BETA 3
April 13, 2003

780 KB (3' at 28.8 kbps)

License: BETA Test Only
Requirements: Windows 9x or NT/2K/XP (with some limitations)
Registration: read instructions 

download from:
available only for beta testers - read more below

What is a beta?
The purpose of our test is to make the program as stable as possible by starting with a technical beta. This is not a released product, and we want to be clear about what testers will experience. A tester should expect to experience bugs, extremely slow performance, bugs, lag, bugs, incomplete and missing features, bugs, lots of downtime, and bugs.

Who can enter as a beta tester?
Everyone is welcome to apply to beta test. Beta testers are requested to report the status of the beta product at a minimum of once a week.

What is expected from beta testers?
We are looking for testers who are diligent, patient, and daring. They need to be diligent in sharing the exact issue and circumstance of a bug or issue so it can be replicated and overcome. They need to be patient as we test-retest-test-again every issue that comes to light. Also, they need to be patient as the feature set they were "just dying to see and test" isnít seen or tested yet. Last but not least, they need to be daring. Sometimes things happen in large chunks of code that inadvertently affect ones computer; only the daring can accept this challenge with grace, bravado, or insanity and survive!

If you apply to be a beta tester we thank you for your interest and willingness. We're waiting your reports at beta(at)cronosoft.com (please include your wish list too). All active beta-testers who provide valuable product feedback will receive a free copy of Quick Hide eXPert as our way of saying thanks. smile.gif

Quick Hide eXPert BETA 3 will be available soon.
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