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Quick Hide allows you to lock up your computer to keep other users out. Some of the features include locking out Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Z , automatically relocking if the computer reboots when locked, and more. It is also password protected and hides itself from the Task list so others users can't manually close it. So what are you waiting for?

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About screen


  • check for upgrades

  • QHW on the Web

  • tell to a friend

  • register

Hidden Windows


  • check a title to keep that programs hidden

  • hide taskbar

  • hide desktop icons

Options screen


  • run QHW on Windows start

  • password protect QHW

  • tell to a friend

  • lock Windows on start-up

  • change your password

  • choose language

  • define hotkeys

Lock Screen


  • lock your computer on Windows start

  • password protect your desktop by pressing the hotkeys

QHW Tutorial


  • a tutorial will help you to accommodate better with the program

  • we also have an improved Help

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