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You may install this program on a single computer for evaluation purposes for a period not to exceed fifteen (15) days; after that time you must either register this program or delete it from your computer hard drive. Using this program after the fifteen (15) day evaluation period, without registering the software is a violation of the terms of this limited license.

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Benefits of Registration

1). Buying this program from CronoSoft, you will receive a full operating
program and the advantage of full FREE of charges updates till next major release.
2). Special prices for next versions
Receive E-Mail Support
Special discounts for our future software released.

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The online order is secure and your credit card number is fully protected. Registration for CronoSoft products is handled via www.eSellerate.net.
Our software presented here is a shareware. That means we encourage you to first download the software, install it and try it for yourself before you buy.

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Order instantly through eSellerate with a credit card for maximum convenience. You will receive a serial number via email upon completion of your successful order.

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What is Shareware?
Shareware is a marketing method, not a type of software or even strictly just a distribution method. When software is marketed through normal retail channels, you are forced to pay for the product before you've even seen it. The shareware marketing method lets you try a program before you buy it. Since you've tried the program, you know whether it will meet your needs before you pay for it. A shareware program is just like a program you find in major stores, catalogs, and other places where software is purchased; except you get to use it, on your own computer, before paying for it.
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