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Quick Hide allows you to lock up your computer to keep other users out. Some of the features include locking out Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Z , automatically relocking if the computer reboots when locked, and more. It is also password protected and hides itself from the Task list so others users can't manually close it. So what are you waiting for?

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Sometimes it comes up a message that tells me that I need to register. Why should I have to register?

 1). Buying Quick Hide from CronoSoft, you will receive a full operating
 program and the advantage of full FREE of charges updates till next major release.
 2). Special prices for next versions of Quick Hide
 3). Receive E-Mail Support
Special discounts for our future software released.

I am very happy with your program on my computer. However, when I tried to install it on another computer I keep getting this error: "missing DLL file MSVBVM60.DLL" or "Error launching program dll required MSVBVM60.DLL NOT FOUND". This was on a new install with a new genuine Microsoft CD. Can you tell me how to fix this error.

You need to install Visual Basic 6 Runtime DLL. You can download it from here.

Does Quick Hide Windows works with Windows XP?

Yes, but with some limitations. Anyway now we are developing a QHW version for Windows XP.

Is there any way to set Quick Hide Windows to automatically lock down the computer after a certain period of time?

Unfortunately not in this version. Maybe the next release of QHW will include this feature too.

When I call up QHW part of the display in that little pop-up window is cut off. In other words, no matter whether I look at About, Hidden Windows, or Options, I can't see the complete screen. The right side and bottom are cut off and I can't change some of the settings. For example, on the Hidden Windows display I can't even see the bottom part where it should show the "hide taskbar" and "hide desktop items" options so I can't select/unselect them.

You are using Large Fonts on your Display (Control Panel/Display/Settings/Advanced). Try to change this setting and use Small Fonts (Normal Size).

I have a problem with QHW. When I run either Qbasic or Citrix some of the keys on the keyboard do not work e.g. number keys, backspace key, esc key and tab key. If I unload QHW using the task manager the keys work ok in those applications. Do you know what I can do to solve this problem?

Yes, there is some problems with QHW hotkeys. We try to find out a solution for this problem.


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