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Quick Hide allows you to lock up your computer to keep other users out. Some of the features include locking out Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Z , automatically relocking if the computer reboots when locked, and more. It is also password protected and hides itself from the Task list so others users can't manually close it. So what are you waiting for?

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"Quick Hide Windows is a small security program which allows you to hide information that would otherwise be in plain view. Whether you are hiding windows with the push of a button or hiding the desktop and taskbar, this program may come in handy. Also, there is an option to hard lock your computer with password protection so when you're away, your work will not be seen.


"Quick Hide Windows serves two purposes. Firstly you can use it as a Boss Key program to hide any non-work activities you may be engaged in during office hours. Secondly you can use it to hide application to free up space on your taskbar. All this is accessible from a keyboard shortcut and there is the added bonus of being able to password protect your computer."
Freeware-Tool, das Windows-Fenster versteckt und so vor neugierigen Blicken schützt. Das Tool funktioniert mit allen Arten von Fenstern inklusive Download-Screens, DOS-Fenster und sogar Quick Hide Windows selbst. Die Bedienung erfolgt über eine einfache Optionen-Auswahl, zu der auch ein Tutorial angeboten wird. Zusätzlich erlaubt Quick Hide Windows den Passwort-Schutz des kompletten Windows-Systems - besonders interessant für Nutzer von Windows 95/98/Me. Bei aktiviertem Passwort-Schutz lassen sich unter allen Windows-Versionen auch die Desktop-Icons und die Taskleiste verstecken.
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