XP desktop enhancement, transparent xp taskbar, transparent xp start menu, change logonui, change wallpaper with XP Visual Tools!




XP Visual Tools - a complete suite of Windows XP desktop enhancement

CronoSoft Now Offers A Solution Designed Specifically for Windows XP Users

[May 21, 2002] - CronoSoft Company, author of multi-award winning Windows programs such as Quick Hide Windows, Total Control, XP Skins, today announced the release of XP Visual Tools a PC-based software package that manage your Windows XP desktop.

XP Visual Tools brings fresh air in Windows programming style, using dynamic effects and powerful multimedia elements for a new user interface eXPerience. Itís not just another skinable program, itís even more. XP Visual Tools brings you completely new interface with each new skin, new animations, music effects and total support for the visual features in Windows XP such as transparency, drop shadow and XP visual style.

Finally a complete suite of Windows XP desktop enhancement, XP Visual Tools is loaded with all you need to tweak your Windows XP Desktop. These are XP Visual Tools features organized by section for an easy navigation:

XP Visual Tools remains user friendly and easy to use even if itís so powerful!


15 days full operating evaluation version of XP Visual Tools may be downloaded from CronoSoftís Web site at http://www.cronosoft.com/download/xp_visual_tools.
The license fee for XP Visual Tools is $19.95 USD. But CronoSoft wants to give you the opportunity to save your money, so until the 1st July you can buy our product at a pecial introductory price -15% cut off - from CronoSoft Web Store: http://www.cronosoft.com/download/xp_visual_tools/registration.htm.
Free, unlimited technical support and free minor updates are available to registered users directly from CronoSoft.

About CronoSoft
provides shareware and freeware utilities for Windows. The company is committed to using customer feedback to develop better programs that provides advanced functionality at a low price. CronoSoft distributes its products in electronic forms via the Internet and provides try-before-you-buy versions of its software via the Internet.

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  • Home page: http://www.cronosoft.com/download/xp_visual_tools
  • Download link: http://www.cronosoft.com/download/xp_visual_tools/xpvt_v1.0.zip
  • Screenshots available at: http://www.cronosoft.com/download/xp_visual_tools/screenshot.htm
  • Logoís:
  • Small: http://www.cronosoft.com/download/xp_visual_tools/screenshots/xp_visual_tools_slogo.jpg
  • Large: http://www.cronosoft.com/download/xp_visual_tools/screenshots/xp_visual_tools_llogo.jpg
  • Box logo: http://www.cronosoft.com/download/xp_visual_tools/screenshots/xp_visual_tools_box.jpg

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