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About Us

is a privately held corporation located in Romania. We are committed to providing high quality and easy to use products to help keep what you do on your PC private. Our main goal is to develop windows based application, web design and personalize software project.

We continually strive for excellence in combining ease-of-use with cutting edge technology.

About Us

Company is as young as our highly qualified young staff. Intellectual potential and experience of our specialists allow CronoSoft to get the best results in all areas of company activity. We can do a lot, we're doing a lot, and we have already done a lot!

provides the customers with systems design, software development, project management, system implementation and support.

Our Partners

Business Opportunities with us !

We do always welcome new business opportunities and are looking for new business partners. Do you have an idea you want to develop together with us? Are you looking for somebody able to design and develop special software to satisfy your current needs? Just contact us, we are open to hear any propositions or suggestions
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Web design services are one of main directions of CronoSoft activity. We can develop a site of different complexity level in briefest term. Our staff of experienced programmers and creative designers allows us to meet almost any requirements to full client's satisfaction
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Press Releases

Privacy Policy

certifies that all personal information relating to its subscribers & customers, including page addresses & personal information, will be kept confidential & will not be released to third parties for commercial purposes without their permission.
Also, we use our newsletter just to inform you about updates, new software or other general news regarding CronoSoft products or website. We don't include third party ads.
We don't like spam so we don't send unsolicited emails. You receive emails from us only when you have register with us or subscribed to newsletters.
You may unsubscribe anytime.

Your privacy is a real concern for us. We will never collect data without your authorization and you will always know what we are collecting.  At any moment, you may ask us to modify the information's we have collected about you, to delete them or simply to consult them.  We will never sell or transmit the information's we have collected about you to any other organization, and we will not use any email address to send advertisements for other companies. We reserve us the right to use your email to send you a notification of new release or to warn you about a new product, but we'll try to send as few unsolicited email as possible. While you are surfing our website, we will log several information's about you, including your IP and your browser information's. This information's  are completely anonymous and will be used for statistics only. We don't use any other third-party advertising, and we don't use cookies.


Return policy

Before deciding to purchase our software, please be sure to test-drive the evaluation versions that we provide. We go to great lengths to produce a trial version with which customers can ensure their satisfaction and system compatibility. This allows them to make an informed purchasing decision. Once that purchase has been made, we do not offer a cash refund. We feel this policy is consistent with the major software retailers nationwide. All sales are final.


Thank you for inquiring about CronoSoft !

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